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-          Because we have an extensive list of statistical data on all models of cars, which are available in stock at official mark dealers in Holland and Germany,

-         Since 1991, we have been doing car export and we have built reliable contacts in a network of car dealers to get optimal discount in prices for our clients,

-          We own dealer-licenses allowing us to purchase and sell motor transport in Europe. 

-          Our vehicles are supplied with a history guarantee, which excludes undesirable consequences of speed-o-meter falsification, or theft. 

-          We will wisely provide you all services according to your order, based upon terms of mutual arrangement.


If you wish to order a different vehicle personally, not from our stock: 

In case of ordering, a deposit payment of 20%, yet not lower than 2000 Euros  from the estimated costs of the vehicle is necessary. It is carried out by money transfer to the current account of our company by preliminary, provided to you account invoice.


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